Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Graffiti... Colored Pencils..... It says ' Bomben Gritty in Gothem City"

This is a colored pencil Graffiti illustration that I did a few years ago..... It was actually done before I started full time at MassArt...... The perspective is off...... I leaned that in John Roman's class ; )

It says "Bomben Gritty in Gotham City" ..... The Joker is riding a blimp that is poring out a liquid style of graffiti that says "Bomben"..... Underneath is a 3-d style that says "Gritty"(Poison Ivy is next to it)... Underneath that is a wild style written on the wall that says "Gotham", and underneath that is a tech style breaking out of the asylum that says "City".

The idea was a Gotham Asylum breakout with lot's of graffiti...... And sorry about the picture..... I never took a shot of it before putting it in a frame, and now I always get a glare.....Someday I hope to have a better photo.

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