Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Best Friends

These are some watercolor illustrations for a small narrative childrens book I was working on at school. There are 8 total illustrations, but I'm just posting 4 of them. The story is about a bored girl who has nobody to play with. Suddenly..... well I'll keep it a little secret for know.

Pencil & Graphite.... Pheromones and shadows.

These are 2 pieces done in pencil and graphite. The top one is Pheromones (Love)..... and the bottom was an assignment dealing with shadows. I really like the top one...... Zombie love.

Hunt- Stop Motion Final

This is Hunt...... my Final in my Stop Motion class at Massart....... my puppet comes alive and hunts down it's maker. In the film, it doesn't literally happen.

Old High School GraffitiBook

A couple page from my old high school graffiti book......... Back then I used to do other peoples characters, mixed in with my own graffiti...Dragon Ball Z and The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.