Sunday, February 15, 2009

Degree Project Update!!!...... In Progress!!!

I am uploading some finished single frames from Degree Project "Split Second Splat"..... production is non-stop ; (....... and slow ; (

These frames are from the beginning of the cartoon...... I just finished the 3rd death scene, and getting ready for the final battle scene. The conclusion of the film along with the idea of bringing ground to a finish is starting to give me a headache...... always looking at a lightbox is contributing to that head crunching, eye bleeding feeling. Oh well!

Here is another in-progress scene from the cartoon.... I just extended a couple of the shots and will finish inking it in tomorrow, it's all leading up to the parachute interaction which I animated yesterday...... Is anyone else getting a little confused & exhausted with Degree Project?..... WE ONLY HAVE 6 MORE WEEKS TO FINISH ANIMATING!?!?!!

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